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Chief Glenn Takaki


I am very pleased to present to you the 2009 Annual Report for the Jesup Police Department.  The report contains a wealth of information regarding the operations of your police department over the past year.  I encourage you to review the report and feel free to contact me personally regarding any of the information contained in the report or to offer comments about the operations of your police department.  I can be reached by mail or in person at, 1355 W. Orange Street, Jesup, GA 31545 or by phone at 912-427-1300.  I have summarized some of the areas of interest in the following paragraphs.

The Jesup Police Department faces serious challenges with the current economic recession.  We must do more with less.  The Jesup Police Department is exploring new ways to fight crime utilizing eclectic methods in crime analysis, enforcement, technology, and community-based programs to make our community the safest place to live and increase the quality of life.

The Jesup Police Department is committed to implementing Community Based Programs that shall enhance citizen input with the Jesup Police Department.  The Jesup Police Department's programs and activities shall result in a higher level of public safety, reduced criminal activity and transparency between the police and the community we serve.
The Jesup Police Department implemented the following programs to reach our Community policing goal, which will bridge a closer bond between the police and the community we serve:

  • Creation of the City Marshal Position
  • The Police and Community Together (P.A.C.T.) Program
  • Crime Watch Program/Behind the Badge
  • Community Safety Programs
  • Meetings with Family Connection Groups
  • Implementation of Community Golf Cart Patrol
  • Creation of Crimereports.com for Jesup & Wayne County

The Jesup Police Department offers a variety of safety programs including the following:

  • Drug Abuse Classes
  • Elderly Abuse Seminars
  • Financial Fraud Classes
  • Home Safety Classes

Our public safety television program, Behind the Badge is a televised pre-recorded media program hosted by Detective Greg Rozier, which airs cold cases and requests citizen input to call the Behind the Badge Hotline.  The program is designed to bridge a bond between public safety agencies and citizens in the community.  The Behind the Badge media program promotes public safety educational programs presented by the following agencies: The Jesup Police Department, Jesup Fire Department, Wayne County Sheriff's Office, Wayne County Emergency Medical Services, Wayne County Emergency Management Service, District Attorney's Officer, and the Georgia State Patrol.

The Jesup Police Department was fortunate to receive a federal grant (Cops Hiring Recovery Program), which pays an officer's salary and benefits for three (3) years.  The competition for funding was fierce as the statistics below indicate; however, based on our need and community based programs implemented we secured funding for the grant.

The COPS Grant-Hiring Recovery Program

  • 7,272 applications
  • 1,046 agencies received funding
  • 14% of agencies funded
  • $8,000,000 requested - 1 billion funded

The Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) team was active during the summer and fall month's working with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department and the Altamaha Drug Task Force combating illegal drug activity.  Between July and September the ACE team were involved in sixteen (16) operations resulting in twenty (20) arrests.

Another goal of the Jesup Police Department is to make our streets safer and increase seatbelt usage, and address a growing problem with motorist driving while being distracted.  A concerted effort involving a coalition of agencies including Hands on Wayne, Safe Kids, enforcement and education have made significant impacts on increased seatbelt usage especially at the schools.  A survey conducted at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school term indicated that 76% of students reported using their seatbelt versus 47% which was recorded just three years ago.  This survey indicates a steady increase in seatbelt use amongst the youth of our community. 

I would like to congratulate everyone in Jesup and Wayne County both civilian and professional alike on all of our past combined accomplishments and look forward to many more in the upcoming year.   I want to thank all of my fellow Jesup Police Department members for their excellent service over the past year and I thank you community for allowing me to serve as your Chief of Police.  Together we will continue to make Jesup and Wayne County a safer place to live.